Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

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KONGSBERG is an international technology corporation based in Norway that supplies reliable, advanced technological solutions that improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of complex operations and under extreme conditions. KONGSBERG delivers defense systems for Air Defence, remote weapon systems, missiles, surveillance and communications.
KONGSBERG is the supplier of K-TaCS. K-TaCS comprises of tactical radio relays (Richtfunk), routers and VHF radios for Army and Air Defence networks. High data capacities are combined with advanced ECCM capabilities and embedded encryption. The radios operate in NATO band 3 and 4 and are known for ease of use.
The KONGSBERG equipment is Ruggedized by Design.


Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

Defence Communications
Drengsrudbekken 12
P.O.Box 35
NO-1371 Asker

For further information:

Tel:    +47 32 28 82 00
Fax:   +47 66 84 82 30

Email: kdcsales(at)kongsberg.com

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