powerbridge Computer Vertriebs GmbH

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powerBridge Computer celebrates its 25th anniversary.
Since the very beginning, powerBridge has played a leading role in embedded system design for applications in industrial automation, science, medical, telecommunication, public transport, defence and aerospace. The success story starts with signing the first distribution contract for Motorola Computer Group in the year of 1993.
Thomas Hannemann, managing director of powerBridge Computer, explains the success: “Our motivation in the past 25 years – a huge period of time technologically – was and still is, to make the latest technology useable for the benefit of our customers. At the same time, while utilizing the longevity of product lifecycle, our customer can produce and support their systems for a long time, thus minimizing the costs. Today our products can be found in many applications of daily use.”
powerBridge boards and systems can nowadays be found inside of computer tomography and proton beam therapy systems, test-environment for brake and clutches in automotive, test and validation systems for airplanes, inside of locomotives, wafer inspection systems for semiconductor manufacturer, as well in science systems for high energy laser and accelerators, in food production, radio telescopes, radar- and sonar systems, and communication systems.
powerBridge computer systems are used for controlling the printing quality for banknotes, and since several years, computer systems are in orbit of planet earth in the ISS space station.
Thomas Hannemann adds: „our approach now and in future is, to use the technology progress and constant development for the benefit of our customers. Through active working on the standardization of technological standards, our know how, and state-of-the-art technology such as MTCA or VPX, we enable our customers to offer better, reliable, competitive and more powerful products.“

Product portfolio
Our product range includes computer systems and boards based on industry standards such as AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, VMEbus, VPX and MicroTCA. For use in industrial applications and vehicles we deliver embedded and rackmount PCs, especially powerful, fan-less solutions for reliable operation in extended operating temperature range and critical environment conditions. This offering is completed with a wide range of I/O products consisting of AdvancedMC, PCI, PMC/XMC and IndustryPack modules.

In addition to system integration and OEM solutions, we offer consulting, development systems, drivers, protocols, and protocol integration. We support our range with Windows, Linux and real-time operating systems.

Management system
powerBridge computer uses management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, certified by LL-C. All employees have access to this management system and working actively on the development of it.

100% paperless company
powerBridge computer is a 100% paperless company since 2012. The communication with our suppliers is paperless since many years, just as with our customer with the exception of delivery notes and invoices. On request we offer paperless communication also for these documents. Our internal communication as well as our document archiving takes place to 100% without paper.