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Leonardo is a global high-tech Aerospace, Defence and Security company

The consolidated industrial capabilities, together with Leonardo’s outstanding human capital and constant attention to innovation, have made Leonardo one of the top ten players in the world in Aerospace, Defence and Security, with revenues of € 12.2 billion, 85% of which deriving from international markets.

Leonardo is a partner of choice for governments, institutions and Armed Forces, as well as for private customers and entities. Leonardo deliver products and integrated solutions based on cutting-edge technologies with dual-use applications, to strengthen global security; protect people, the territories, infrastructures and information networks; contribute to the sustainable management of the environment, urban spaces and climate. 
Leonardo ensures that customers obtain the most value from their systems through innovative support and training services

Air, land, sea, space and cyberspace: wherever defence and security are needed, Leonardo’s customers find effective solutions for their requirements in each of these areas through a complete and integrated offer in strategic sectors such as helicopters, aeronautics, unmanned systems, defence and security electronics, defence systems, and satellite systems and services.

LEONARDO Germany delivers weather radar systems for meteorology as well as military air surveillance and precision approach radars to German Defence customers. This portfolio is enhanced by radio-based communication system, shelter integration, night vision technology from thermal to image intensifiers and optical system and solutions for critical infrastructure protection and security.

Leonardo ist ein führender Produzent (Top Ten) von Systemen der Luftfahrtbranche und im Verteidigungsmarkt. Die Firmenzentrale von Leonardo befindet sich in Italien. Leonardo beschäftigt über 48.000 Mitarbeiter in 180 Standorten weltweit. Das Unternehmen verfügt in Europa und in den USA über eine konsolidierte industrielle Präsenz und weltweit über ein leistungsstarkes Netzwerk von Partnern. Leonardo teilt seine Geschäftsaktivitäten in vier Bereiche (Helicopter / Aeronautics / Electronics, Defence Systems & Security Systems / Space). 13% des Konzernumsatzes werden in Forschung und Entwicklung investiert.

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