International Cyber Operations Symposium No. 4 (10th October 2018, Bonn, Germany)



ICOS 2018
ICOS 2018




Welcome Words by Chief Cyber and Information Domain Service

ICOS 2018

Welcome to the International Cyber Operations Symposium (ICOS 2018) No. 4 on 10th October 2018 in Bonn, Germany.

ICOS 2018 is a joint event hosted by the German Cyber and Information Domain Service Headquarters (CIDS HQ) and the German “Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association” (AFCEA Bonn e.V.).

By establishing the Cyber and Information Domain Service the Bundeswehr is in the process of optimizing existing capabilities, developing new potential to be ready to expand military contributions to Germany’s security architecture. Facing new virtual and perceived reality threats, ICOS 2018 will therefore focus on “Resilience in the Cyber and Information Domain”.

This year's ICOS is the first joint civil-military event of its kind in Germany with numerous high-ranking international and national guests from the fields of business, academia, politics, and the military.

It is dedicated to dialogue and knowledge exchange in the field of cyber and information space and it is intended to contribute to develop new perspectives and approaches in this highly dynamic and innovative domain.

ICOS 2018 is a tremendous opportunity to shape new thinking and experience innovative practices.

I look forward to meeting you at ICOS 2018.


Lieutenant General Ludwig LEINHOS

Chief CIDS




Welcome Words by President of AFCEA Chapter Bonn

ICOS 2018

The Bonn Chapter of AFCEA International is both proud and honored to support the International Cyber Operations Symposium No. 4.

The increasing national efforts to protect own forces in cyberspace, to achieve true resilience and effectiveness of cyber operations come with profound knowledge about capabilities, procedures and doctrines of all partners, i.e. military, governmental entities, academia and industry. Only in this close cooperation between these different players and in an international context it will be possible to effectively meet the many future challenges for the protection of information in cyber space.

It has always been AFCEA’s mission to build on the vision of its founders to connect great ideas with innovative people in order to produce the vital solutions for global security. AFCEA is proud to provide a forum for the ethical exchange of ideas amongst partners and support thought leadership wherever requested.

The ICOS 2018 forum will provide an excellent opportunity to share, exchange and discuss all topics of the constantly increasing field of cyber security under the guidance of renowned subject matter experts dedicated to the most exiting challenges of this field.

AFCEA strongly believes that ICOS 2018 will provide a great opportunity to learn from each other and to increase expertise in a multinational cyber environment.



President of AFCEA Chapter Bonn