Textron Systems

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Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions, an operating unit of Textron Systems, is an industry leading developer and integrator of advanced geospatial intelligence solutions supporting a broad set of industries including: global and national defense, security and border patrol, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief as well as a growing number of civil and commercial applications such as natural resource management, ecosystem monitoring, environmental engineering, urban planning, oil and gas exploration, utilities, forestry, insurance, real estate. Used by more than 25,000 analysts across 26 countries to provide unmatched fidelity and accuracy in mission planning, actionable intelligence and rapid decision making.

Our flagship software solutions, ELT®, GIV® and RemoteView™, offer an extensive set of GEOINT collection tools that enhance the intelligence gathering and analysis process by providing intuitive user interfaces, customizable profiles, toolbars and look and feel that may be tailored to individual users or collaborative analytical teams.  From high-powered exploitation and mapping for geospatial analysts to image analysis tools for tactical users, our specialized expertise includes: imagery enhancement, precision positioning, photogrammetry, radar exploitation, 3D visualization, terrain feature extraction, full motion video support and geospatial data management. Analysts around the world trust Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions software for both its positioning accuracy and efficient workflows, but also appreciate the flexibility of product extensions such as Spotlight, and GIVConnect that allow analysts to add capabilities as needed. An analyst can use the Spotlight extension to quickly generate detailed 3D terrain and urban models that brings new realism to mission simulation and analysis.  The GIVConnect extension offers analysts real-time interoperability between GIV and Esri’s ArcGIS, allowing data and workflow to be shared across both applications.

In addition, Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions understands the complexities of automatic feature extraction with over 10 years of heritage and validated results through our Feature Analyst™ and LIDAR Analyst® software extensions for ArcGIS®. Both products are used by government agencies, universities, and GIS service providers to rapidly and accurately collect vector feature data from high-resolution satellite imagery, aerial imagery, and airborne LIDAR data. With much of GIS management costs being attributed to staying up-to-date with the daily deluge of image data, the ability to quickly extract features from GIS data is a major necessity. Feature Analyst™ and LIDAR Analyst® meet this need through cutting-edge uses of extraction technology.

Textron Systems Geospatial Solutions expertise in handling image data extends to database cataloging and management. Analysts commonly face a challenge recognizing and managing the diverse variety of metadata associated with imagery, map, elevation, vector, and full motion video files. Our scalable GeoCatalog solution solves this problem, enabling aggregated access across a variety of geospatial and legacy data sources and offering one source cataloging and querying to streamline operations. GeoCatalog is designed to meet a range of needs from single-user laptops to team workgroups to broad enterprise deployments.

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