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iXblue stands as a global leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative solutions for navigation and positioning markets. Using its unique technologies, the French Group offers its defense customers turnkey high-technology solutions, enabling them to address increased challenges and carry out their maritime, land and space operations with optimum efficiency and safety. Underpinned by 30 years of expertise, iXblue is currently achieving annual growth of 15-20%, with 80% of its business conducted in over 30 countries worldwide. We can count on a full value-chain expertise: all its systems are produced internally, from design to manufacturing.

Reliable navigation in all environmental and operational conditions is a key requirement for all modern land platforms to successfully carry out their missions in security.

Accurate pointing is also critical to improve efficiency of howitzers, radars, observation turrets or any system requiring true north accuracy.

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) are therefore expected to deliver accurate real-time pointing and reliable navigational data whatever the conditions – notably in GNSS denied environments – thus greatly enhancing platform resilience capabilities in the battlefield.

In parallel with these operational requirements, industrial integrators need equipment that is not only reliable and cost-effective, but also easy to integrate, to reduce their non-recurring costs.

Moreover, equipment acquisition is governed by the recurring demand on the part of the land forces to minimize overall cost of ownership. Very high MTBF, scalability and interchangeability to adapt the vehicles and weapon systems equipment to the missions, as well as lifecycle cost reductions through commonalities, low-maintenance and obsolescence management, are all key criteria for systems targeted by modern armies.

High reliability and availability are iXblue trademarks. The unrivalled MTBF of iXblue’s fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, far over 80.000 working hours, has the pace for all other system developments. Reliability, together with the lowest level of preventive maintenance are key principles that govern iXblue technical choices in systems design. In addition, iXblue offers a 24/7 technical support service worldwide to guarantee the highest level of system service for its customers.

Recent trends in conflict situations include intensifications in communication and data collection but also in long distance observation. Gyrostabilization is an essential capability for many land platforms, especially to compensate movements due to the terrain to support use of high-performance sensors. iXblue offers stabilized platforms for optronic, satellite communications and weapon stations. All products are ITAR free.

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