Stand: S 06 + F 18                                                                                                                                                  SAAL NEW YORK / GENF

For the Defense & Security market Bittium provides the most modern products and solutions for tactical & secure communications. The products and solutions for tactical communications bring broadband data and voice to all troops across the battlefield.

Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN) is a Software Defined Radio based wireless broadband network system intended for military and public safety use. With the system MANET, link, and connection networks can be formed into one logical IP network quickly, no matter what the location is. Bittium TAC WIN is compatible with existing fixed and wireless network infrastructures.

The next generation tactical radios, Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™, tactical handheld radio for individual soldiers, and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular™, tactical radio for vehicle installations, help to produce and share real time situational awareness (location, image, voice, video, and sensor data) to all levels of the battlefield. This improves the performance and the effectiveness of the tactical troops, and leading the troops is easier based on the up-to-date situational awareness and more reliable connections. The uniquely wide range of frequency bands in the radios improves combat survivability. Using several waveforms, even simultaneously, improves compatibility and enables operations on different levels and missions.

Bittium Tough Comnode™ fulfills the data transfer needs of mobile troops by functioning for example as a VoIP phone, an IP router, and an SHDSL repeater. Additionally, Bittium Tough Comnode also provides SIP server functionalities of the tactical voice network for commercial VoIP terminals and enables using also legacy Combat Net Radios as part of the IP based tactical communication system.

For secure communications Bittium offers proven mobile devices and cyber security solutions.

Bittium Tough Mobile™ product family of smartphones provides a new standard for professional ultra secure mobile communications. At the core of the information security features of the Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones lies their multilayered security structure, which is based on hardened Android™ operating system, unique hardware solutions, and the information security features and software integrated in the source code. The phones are fully designed and manufactured in Finland and Bittium ensures supervised and secure manufacturing and supply of the smartphones to customers. Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones together with Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software product can be certified for secure use of different national government authorities. Bittium Tough Mobile C smartphone together with Bittium Secure Suite back-end system form the first smartphone based communication solution in the world that has been certified for CONFIDENTIAL security level (NCSA-FI). As the smartphones have been designed for use by authorities, they have a significantly longer availability and lifespan and better availability of security updates compared to conventional smartphones.