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Leonardo is a global high-tech company in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector, delivering advanced solutions based on dual-use technologies, to meet both military requirements and civil applications. As an industrial and technological leader, the Company aims to be an engine for development, contributing to security and progress worldwide.  In 2020 Leonardo achieved revenues of € 13.41 billion, where 85% is derived from international markets.

Headquartered in Italy, Leonardo operates globally, through a deep-rooted industrial presence in four domestic markets (Italy, United Kingdom, United States and Poland), backed by an international commercial network and a number of representative offices, subsidiaries and joint ventures. Leonardo has an overall presence in 46 countries worldwide, where LEONARDO Germany plays the main role in serving the German market and customers.

LEONARDO Germany delivers weather radar and lidar systems for meteorology as well as military air surveillance and precision approach radars to German Defence customers. The product  portfolio is enhanced by radio-based communication system, shelter integration, electro Optics from thermal to image intensifiers and optical system and solutions for critical infrastructure protection and security and complemented by pertinent software, services and solutions.


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