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Bren-Tronics Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of US Army qualified NiMh and Li-ion rechargeable batteries such as BB-390B/U and BB-2590/U. Bren-Tronics also designs and produces advanced portable power systems for military applications used by US, NATO and military forces around the world.

Our products are produced in a “lean” manufacturing environment, using state-of-the-art engineering and design techniques, performance guaranteed by using the highest energy density cells and reliability assured through in-house testing and exacting process and quality control.

Our main business lines are:

  • Military and industrial primary and rechargeable battery packs
  • Military universal chargers
  • Stand-alone renewable power stations
  • Soldier Modernization Power platform
  • Large scale rechargeable lithium-ion battery for vehicular and shelter applications

With design, prototyping, qualification testing and manufacturing all under one roof, we provide portable power solutions among our more than 100 state-of-the-art products, shipping equipment qualified to exacting ISO 9001 and AS9100C standards.

With more than 100,000 military batteries produced per year, BTI is the largest global military manufacturer. We are servicing more than 35 different countries including NATO forces.

  • Bren-Tronics Inc. is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of rechargeable military batteries for about 48 years.
  • Bren-Troncs Inc. is the first company in the world having introduced rechargeable Lithium-ion electrochemical system for military application in 1995 with the award of “Next Rechargeable” Contract from the US Army.
  • Bren-Tronics Inc. holds several patents for Battery Safety Device (#5,625,273 - 1997) and Li-ion / Lithium Polymer charging (#6,242,893 B1 – 2001).
  • Bren-Tronics Inc. is a fully qualified designer and manufacturer of the BB-2590/U battery pack as per US Army Mil-Perf 32052. Such battery pack is the most standard worldwide, powering more than 90 different applications.
  • Bren-Tronics Inc. is the first company in the world having introduced universal charger capability concept for military application with the award of the “OMNI charge” Contract from the US army.


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