Logistics service provider for AFCEA Fachausstellung

In order to ensure a smooth and speedy set-up and dismantling of the trade exhibition, the logistics for set-up and dismantling will be handled by the logistics service provider DHL Global Event Logistics GmbH.

DHL will manage the unloading and loading with specified time slots, based on the registration of the stand constructors, to ensure a time-efficient and smooth set-up and dismantling of the AFCEA trade exhibition.

The updated documents from DHL Global Event Logistics GmbH for the AFCEA Trade Exhibition 2024 are available for download above.

Since your stand constructor may still have questions about the planned procedures, we recommend that your stand constructor attends the hybrid exhibitor meeting on April 12, 2024, at least online. There, DHL Global Event Logistics GmbH will explain the planned procedure for registration, allocation of time slots, unloading, temporary storage of packaging material, return of packaging material after the end of the exhibition and loading in a presentation for the AFCEA trade exhibition.

Orders can be placed from 15.04.2024 (after the exhibitor meeting) via the then published DHL order form.

If you have further questions, pleease contact:

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DHL Global Event Logistics

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