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2110.05.202315:30 - 15:55 Raum ADDIS ABEBA 3Novachips CC/CSfC-certified military-grade SSDs Herr Sejong Yoo, General Manager

Novachips CC/CSfC-certified military-grade SSDs

Cybersecurity is becoming a top priority, and self-encrypting SSDs (Solid-State Drives) are necessary to prevent the recovery of collected mission data by adversaries. Furthermore, new types of autonomous vehicles and machines are required to process and record a larger amount of mission data within a smaller footprint size, so it requires a higher density of data storage with requiring a higher level of operating reliability and security.

NSA-approved CSfC (Commercial Solution for Classified) DARCP (Data-At-Rest Capability Package) can help to achieve those goals by adopting double layers of encryption from two independent vendors. Novachips is listed as one of CSfC approved component vendors of HWFDE (hardware full disk encryption), and its SCALAR and EXPRESS P-series SSD can be a good candidate to consist of the various types of HF, HS, or HH solutions with combining with software encryption layer for building the trusted computing system.

 In the case of using SSD as the primary OS disk, the system is required to perform pre-boot authentication even before booting up the main OS. For this purpose, Novachips is providing the bundle PBA image which is can be cloned into the Shadow disk area of CSfC SSD. Only after acquiring authorization by authenticating the user password or other authentication factors, the full-capacity User disk will appear automatically.

Especially for defense and military application, Novachips P-series SSDs are designed and tested for the extreme condition where the temperature cycling range from -40 ~ +85°C, the vibration/shock peaks up to 40G, and the radiation level is 500 times higher than zero altitudes. SSD can also service the commands of immediate zeroization or sanitization method per NIS800-80 compliant Purge or Clear methods. And those security erase functions can be triggered via hardware signal or host command without any 3rd party host production or additional hardware elements.